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Mudra: Hand Gestures

Definition Mudra is a hand gesture or seal which is a symbol of energy. It is the most beautiful form on expression by the use of thumb and fingers. It can also be done without the use of hands like Khecheri Mudra done with tongue and Viparita Karni Mudra which is one of the body poses. It is used as the non verbal form of communication in Various Indian classical dances like Kathak and Bharat Natyam. It also works as a therapy for the body and mind by balancing the ratio of five elements (panch tattvas) when done with hands. Mudras are supposed to be a part of Tattva Yoga –the science of elements. Along with Asanas mudras are employed along with Yogic Meditation to energize the Chakras and calm the mind. To increase an element the thumb is pressed at the base of the finger tip, to decrease the finger is folded at the base of thumb and generally the back of the finger is pressed by the thumb, to balance the element the finger tip and the thumb tip are joined together.
How & When to Practice Mudras are generally practiced empty stomach. They could be practiced in many different ways by joining the finger tips with the thumb tip or by folding the finger at the base of the thumb etc. depending upon whether the practitioner wishes to increase, decrease or balance a particular element in the body. They can be practiced with one or both hands. Mudras can be practiced any time of the day at any place. Most of the mudras should preferably be practiced in sitting position with spine straight but they could also be done in standing, lying down or walking if instructed by the therapist or teacher to do so.

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