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Magic dust for the skin - Yogis Glow

I am so proud to introduce YOGIS GLOW to you! It is food for the skin, it is like a magic dust, an ayurvedic mixture of herbs, flowers and spices and has been inspired by my grandmother's recipe, enhanced by teachings from my Gurus and revised by my personal experiences and understanding.

Leftover from restauratnts

How wise it is to get leftover food packed from restaurants?

How to know what to practice

How do I know what to practice? It is so complicated. Shall I follow a specific sequence everyday? How does one decide about it?

What happens when you are hungry? Do you know what will satisfy you?

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Welcome the Fall in 12 Ayurvedic and Yogic Ways

Fall/Autumn season is characterized by increased Vata dosha: dry, cold, rough, rigid, light, thin qualities.
I have worked out these 12 steps to utilize the Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom as 12 tools for Yoga Therapy

Is Kapalabhatti a Pranayama?

There are at the least 7 main differences between Kapalabhatti and Bhastrika in Yoga. Any manipulation of breath is often mis understood as a breathing technique. We often translate breathing techniques as pranayama. This is the beginning of confusion and spread of misinpretered versions of practice.

Breath-Ayama or Prana-Ayama

Commonly, pranayama is considered manipulation, stretching, holding of breath or maybe the name of some techniques like anulom viloma, bhastrika, ujjayi etc. The techniques are simply to remove the friction at the various points of entry of the prana into the body.These techniques itself are not pranayama, their consequence is and could be...

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How to do a Vedic prayer to Ancestors

What is Pitra divas/ Pitru paksha/ Malaya Shraadh: 15 days dedicated to pay respect and homage to the ancestors. Pitru means the ancestors and divas is days.

Ganesha as Prana

There is more to Ganehsa than just elephant headed God.

Ganesha is symbolic of the 10 pranas within our body. He is the pranamaya kosha.

Ayurveda or Yoga

How much Ayurveda should I learn as a Yoga teacher?

It is not the question of quantity, subject and requirement. Think of it as if you are asking which eye should I see from. You need both!! Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable. Ayurvedic wisdom was revealed to the Rishis (seers) in deep meditative state. Both Yoga and Ayurveda have the same goal- to remove suffering and union with the Self.

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