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Leftover from restauratnts

How wise it is to get leftover food packed from restaurants?

How to know what to practice

How do I know what to practice? It is so complicated. Shall I follow a specific sequence everyday? How does one decide about it?

What happens when you are hungry? Do you know what will satisfy you?

Dinacharya 101

Health is surely not a goal that we might attain one day. It is moment-to-moment transformation in a three-step process:

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Chakra dharana demystified

Chakras are not fancy or interesting or mystical, they are facts.

Wake up to yourself!

A podcast on Mind, Body, Life and more!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Johnson during my latest visit to Asheville, NC. Dan is a holistic psychiatrist and the creator of Anecdotal Evidence podcast. We had the chance to talk about mind, body, and how to approach our life with an organizational framework of understanding.

Malas: Myth and Truth

Is there a difference between a mala used for chanting versus simply wearing?

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What does it mean to sign up for a yoga training

It means to wake up to ourSelf. It means to stop blaming. It means to take responsibility. It means to recognize, face, accept and transform our weaknesses.

India through my eyes

2017 is a special year in my calendar: I am going to take two groups to India, one to North and the other to South India.

Is Meditation a technique?

Is meditation a technique, or simply a practice. Is it a process or a goal? Is it concentration or is it mindfulness? Various books has been written on this subject and yet is a mystery...

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